Core Recovery Program

Designed to restore your core and help regain your confidence

We get asked all the time: “how do I lose my post-pregnancy belly?”  Some postpartum women may notice a soft section above and below their belly button and while diet and exercise might seem like the answer, we are here to tell you that it’s actually weakened core muscles from carrying out your bundle of joy for 9 months! Time does not heal ab separation so whether you are 1 year postpartum or 6 years postpartum, this Core Recovery Program is for you!  We created this course to teach you the truth about what’s happening with your body and how to fix it properly so you can feel better fast and regain your confidence.

Ditch the wraps, girdles, or postpartum shapewear

It might be tempting to buy a quick fix solution like a post-pregnancy wrap or girdle – trust us, we get it – but there is a better way that actually works!

How to shape up your core and lose the post-pregnancy belly

So you are a few months postpartum and still have a belly bulge. Is it belly fat, skin, hormones?  The answer is yes…probably a little bit of everything!  You are  still losing some of the weight you gained (which is perfectly normal,) your hormones which made your connective tissue more elastic are still leveling out, and your abdominal muscles that support your core are stretched out.  But the good news is, there are exercises and breathing techniques you can start doing to help pull those muscles back together!

Re-Strengthening Your Deep Core Muscles

When you think of the core, chances are you think of the abs. However, the core actually consists of all the muscles that encompass your midsection, including your back and hips. As you have probably already experienced, pregnancy wreaks havoc on these areas. Now is the time to get back to the basics and work on rebuilding your core and focusing on neutral alignment.  

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The importance of the pelvic floor

While moms love to joke about the aftermath of jumping jacks, the truth is, peeing your pants postpartum is not “a new normal!” While there are situations where physical therapy or surgery are necessary, most of the time, your pelvic floor can recover by doing the proper exercises! We focus on breathing and pelvic floor techniques that not only heal your core, but also your pelvic floor.


Skip the Endless Crunches

Abs are not made from crunches..not postpartum, not ever!  But, postpartum is definitely NOT the time to be doing any type of crunches. 

Its hard to connect to deep core muscles after delivery! You have to start with the basics to train them which includes re-establishing the core and brain connection.

About Our Core Recovery Program

When you start with core recovery you are…

  • reducing the changes of prolapse
  • healing Ab separation
  • preventing lower back pain
  • strengthening your pelvic floor

In our program, we will teach you the fundamental skills needed to start the core recovery process.  We will practice deep core breathing, pelvic floor activation and also maintaining neutral alignment.  How you move during your day can make a HUGE difference in your core recovery.

The Course itself is broken down into 3 stages. Each day you will perform a 10 minute core routine that is designed to target your deepest core muscles.  These moves will gradually increase in difficulty throughout the 3 stages.

Core Recovery Program

$ 75 One Time Payment
  • Self- assessment for diastasis recti
  • Movement Adjustments/Core Activation and Breathing
  • 3 Stage Progression Model
  • Weekly LIVE Office Hours w/your Coaches


join this specifically designed program to help you heal and strengthen your core muscles.




Less than 1 year postpartum

You might need a program that is a little more comprehensive that not only includes Core Recovery but also helps you build strength and master your nutrition!

Postnatal Program

$ 149 One Time Payment
  • Postnatal Progression Course
  • Core Recovery Protocol
  • Nutrition Guide
  • Weekly LIVE Office Hours w/your Coaches