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Getting to Know Cari | Messy Mom Podcast Ep 44


Getting to Know Cari

Welcome back for another episode of the Messy Mom Podcast. We are thrilled to have Bailey back and sounding better than ever, thanks to the wonders of time and modern medicine. Today, we have a special treat for you, a one-on-one interview with Cari Oschman. We’re going deeper with 20 questions to really get to know her. By the end of this episode, you’ll feel like friends.

Join us as Bailey poses all the burning questions, from Cari’s favorite vacation spot to her stance on brownie edges versus center debate. We’ll also touch on the possibility of a Cari for President campaign, and much more. 

1. Cari’s Name + Where It Came from

Starting off with the basics, first and foremost, what is Cari’s full name and where did it come from? 

If you didn’t know, Cari’s current full name is Cari Carter Oschman. When she got married, she moved her maiden name to her middle name. Prior to getting married though, it was Cari Thornton Carter and Thornton is her grandmother’s maiden name. 

Bailey was curious how her parents felt about her changing it. But Cari said it wasn’t a tough conversation. She has always loved the name Carter, clearly, since she named her son that. But it was something she really wanted to carry on with her. So, her parents and her grandma didn’t have a problem with it. She went ahead and moved the whole thing, as Cari says, “When you’re going to change your name, you might as well change the whole thing.”

2. Favorite Vacation Spot

Jumping right into the next question, what is Cari’s favorite vacation spot that she has ever been to? 

She says, Hawaii because it’s a slice of heaven. There are beaches everywhere and you’re on an island permanently. She loves beaches, sunshine and anything hot is right up her alley. Plus, she thinks the culture is really cool. 

Bailey agrees but she has only been there once, it was for work back in the day. But she would like to go back and redo it the right way, do a real vacation.

3. All-Time Favorite Song

Up next, Bailey asked Cari what her all-time favorite song is. 

Which Cari found pretty easy as it’s Yeah by UsherHe’s Cari’s guy. She’s seen in twice and hoping to catch him a 3rd time before he retires. 

That’s even what she opened her wedding dance floor to. It’s the reason she had both a live band and a DJ at her wedding because there was a certain vibe that her mom felt a live band gives (which she agrees with) but in the same aspect, they couldn’t play Usher like Usher can do Usher. So, there was double for that one reason.

4. Celebrity Crush

Coming in at number 4 is, who is Cari’s celebrity crush? 

She was curious if this meant living only. If so, Ryan Reynolds. Otherwise, Paul Walker is her man. 

In regard to Ryan Reynolds though, he’s got the look, he’s sarcastic (and we know how Cari is!), so she feels it would drive really well. Plus, Kyle, her husband, is even on board with it.

5. Death Row Meal

The next question is an interesting one. Bailey asks, if Cari were on death row, what would her meal be? 

To start, for those who don’t know Cari doesn’t really care about food (which is the opposite of Bailey). But if she had to pick, she is going with a Jeff Ruby steak, some mashed potatoes, and a good glass of cab.

That’s it, nothing else, no dessert, nothing – just those things and Cari is a happy woman. 

6. Cari as an Alcoholic Beverage

Another intriguing question Bailey asks is, if Cari was an alcoholic beverage, what would she be and why? 

Cari has to go with a nice whiskey because it’s straight-shooting and she is a straight shooter. There’s no fluff, it’s just straight taste. And it goes down smooth but it’s got a little bite at the end. 

Now remember, this isn’t her favorite alcoholic drink but it’s what best describes her personality. 

7. Hiring Someone to Help for a Day

For the next question, Bailey wants to know, if Cari could hire someone else to help her for a day, what would it be for and why? 

We both knew the answer and that’s to cook every meal. Bailey thought Cari just needed to hire her. Cari agreed because she cooks healthy, they’d always be good, and she doesn’t have to plan it.

As we discussed above, she hates wasting time on food and anything related to it. Eating it, planning it, shopping for it, all the things, she doesn’t want to think about it. And in this case, this is where Bailey is a 180° difference because cooking for her is therapeutic. Where Cari, wants to know what the heck is the purpose of a bay leaf if you are just going to take it out. 

So, that is why she would hire it, she doesn’t care about the bay leaf. She doesn’t want to put it in to take it out. Does anyone else agree with Cari or are you more like Bailey and enjoy cooking for the most part? 

8. Favorite Thing About Herself

Something that we don’t talk a lot about is positivity about ourselves and it’s good to. So that’s where Bailey’s question comes from, what is Cari’s favorite thing about herself? 

She goes with her work ethic and drive. 

Bailey isn’t going to let her end there, she asks where does she think it stems from? 

Cari says it starts with her parents having a great work ethic and it’s a habit that she’s built. She is really good at time blocking and realizing, here’s what has to get done and what she’s got to put in to do it.

So, starting from an early age, sports and her family played a role in making it a habit because it’s not that she wants to do it every day, but she does it. 

9. Most Embarrassing Moment

Right into the next, Bailey is curious what Cari’s most embarrassing thing that has happened to her. 

Cari felt this is going to sound ridiculous to say but she can’t think of one because she doesn’t get embarrassed. She is sure there is something but as she has said before, as you get older and have kids, she doesn’t get offended easily. 

Again how we are different. For Bailey, she definitely got embarrassed when she was younger. An example that was sticking out in her head was when she was running hurdles in 7th grade. She tripped and fell (with her middle school boyfriend in the stands) and she remembers it being the most embarrassing thing ever, she was mortified. 

But at the same time, she was 13 so everything was embarrassing. It was a big deal back then!

10. Cari’s Perfect Day

Bailey asks, what would her perfect day look like? 

Cari and her husband talk about this a lot because everyone thinks the perfect day is a lot of lounging. But for Cari, that’s not her. She feels you need to have purpose and play, a mixture of both to feel fulfilled.

So her perfect day would be to start, not in Ohio. She would be on some beach location with a nice view, waking up, and having a relaxing couple of hours where she sips coffee. Then be productive too, get work done, followed by a lot of leisure, a beach walk, that kind of thing where you are still active but it’s a leisurely pace. Probably some pool swimming, a few day drinks followed by potentially a little more productivity, and then a little leisure time at night. Nothing planned and nothing she has to get to.

A lot of nothing but a little mix of productivity, a little something.

11. Something She’s Proud Of

Following that, Bailey asks Cari, what is something that she has done that she is proud of.

She says it’s going to have to be the business that we built. Of course, there are a lot of other things, like kids that also top the reigns of that too. But she is going with that one because she feels like you work your whole life, you go through school, and you do all this hard work to figure out what you want to do.  She spent most of her early 20s, thinking she was going to be in the corporate world and finally had the realization that she didn’t want to do any of that. Then, for us to come up with Fit Mama in 30 and see where it’s come in the last 4-5 years. So, that’s why she says our business. 

Bailey feels the same way. It’s really cool to see where we started to where it is now. When you put so much time and energy into something, and you have those days where you’re like, “I don’t know if I really want to keep doing this or if it’s worth it.” But when you go back to your why and stick with it, it’s definitely something to be proud of. 

Bailey is also curious then if she feels like she is living her dream job. And essentially, what is her dream job? 

Cari does think so. It took a long time to figure out but it is helping people in the health and fitness arena.

She thinks you go through these life stages, you see where the need really is and that’s what we’re living now. She finally figured out that it’s helping women, mostly moms but not all, in the fitness realm and doing it with no one else telling you what that has to look like. Every other position she has taken, even in health and fitness, it’s someone else’s way. It’s got to be done a certain way whether for profit, time, or whatever other reasons. Where we have an open book and the flexibility to do what we want to do without asking for anyone’s approval. 

12. What Would She Do With One Day to Live

This one’s a little deep and it may be similar to her perfect day but Bailey wants to know, if Cari had one day left to live, what would she do? 

Cari says it would be similar to the perfect day but it wouldn’t be productive. It would just be with family and friends, in the same location, on a beach, with the same views, going through and reliving memories. Chilling with the small group of people that really mean the most.

And there would probably be a workout, some walking at least, or maybe some dancing to Usher on the beach because why not?

13. Brownie Edges vs Center

One of the big debates, brownie edges or center. 

This was easy for Cari, center. Bailey agrees, she doesn’t get people who say edges. So, if this is you, please let us know why that is. We feel like they are very crunchy and we don’t want that. 

But Bailey does know multiple people who say edges. For us though, we want it to be right smack dab in the middle. Don’t be wasting our time on the edges. 

14. Cari for President

Bailey was curious about what Cari would say about this one. If she were running for president would her slogan be? 

Cari says, “I mean what I say and I say what I mean” 

That would summarize how she is these days. She means what she says. On the same note, Cari’s other new slogan is, “Do I really hate everyone or do I just need a snacky?”

15. Life Motto

The next question ties perfectly into her new slogan as that is Cari’s life motto. 

“Do I hate everyone or do I just need a little snacky?” 

It’s a great motto. Cari says 85% of the time, she just needs a snacky. 50% of the time, she just doesn’t know. 

16. All-Time Favorite Movie

Bailey heads right into this question, what is Cari’s favorite movie of all time? 

Cari was a little embarrassed to say it, Armageddon or The Rock. She is into action-packed movies, they need to keep her occupied or she is sleeping with her “snackys”. 

Whereas Bailey is on the opposite side with Bridesmaids. She could watch that every day and be good.

Another movie that Cari would add to the top of her list is Anchorman. But if she had to just pick one, she is sticking with Armageddon

17. Cari’s Book Title

Heading into a more difficult question, Bailey wants to know if Cari was coming out with a book, what would the title of the book be? 

This question was difficult for Cari to answer so we finished answering it at the end of the show. But she finally decided and had to go with, “But Why?” If she had to summarize the last several years of her life, she has a lot of things to write about, “But Why?” The book could be deep or very sarcastic. 

18. Most Random Thing in her Pantry

On the more fun side, Bailey is wondering what the most random thing is in Cari’s pantry right now. 

At first, Cari wasn’t sure since she is a creature of habit. The same stuff gets bought every dang week. If it’s not on the list, it’s not getting made. If it’s on the list, it’s going in the recipe. And if it’s not there, it’s not getting bought. 

Then after further thought, she said Kyle does bring home random stuff. If you didn’t know, he works in the consumer packaged goods industry. So, there is probably some pancake/waffle mix or one of those products that they thought was going to be the next innovation but then decided was the worst idea ever and never launched it. 

19. Top Sheet or No Top Sheet

The next big debate for a lot of people, top sheet or no top sheet for her bed. 

Cari says, there’s a sheet, a blanket, a comforter, and honestly she is surprised she isn’t sleeping in gloves. There are sheets, blankets, and comforters for days.

Bailey is the same way, when she sleeps she is in a sweatshirt and sweatpants. Always! 

20. Favorite Childhood Toy

Finally, Bailey wants to know, what is Cari’s favorite childhood toy. 

Cari says she was a boring kid. She was outfitted in gymnastics. Her mom couldn’t get her out of a leotard and she had one of those carpeted beams that took up her living room. So, one of the highlights of her life was when her mom let her get her own balance beam. 

Other than that, she did have American Girl Dolls as she and her sister would play with them a little bit. She thought it was going to be the coolest day ever to gift it to her daughter Kate. Instead, she has a daughter who doesn’t like dolls, to get dressed up, or let Cari touch her hair so it may end up getting donated. 

That’s it! We hope you feel like you’ve gotten to know Cari a little bit more and on many different levels. We think it’s good to see a little bit more of our personality because there are some things that can’t be seen through social media, even on stories. 

This is only the beginning of our conversation on getting to know Cari. Listen to the full episode wherever you listen to your podcasts.

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