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Getting to Know Bailey | Messy Mom Podcast Ep 47


Getting to Know Bailey

This week, we’re excited to bring you an episode where Bailey takes the hot seat! If you missed our previous episode a few weeks ago, Bailey had this great idea for us to interview each other, allowing you to get to know us on a deeper level. We kicked off this segment with Cari, and now it’s time to dive into 20 random questions with Bailey to get to know her better.

In this episode join us as Cari asks all the questions from Bailey’s first celebrity crush to strange purchases and her ultimate sandwich, get ready to uncover some fun and fascinating insights about her.

1. First Celebrity Crush

We jump right in with the first question, where Cari asks who was Bailey’s first celebrity crush and if she is still into them now.

Bailey says her first crush was Leonardo DiCaprio in The Titanic. She was really young, around 1st grade, when it came out and she wasn’t even allowed to watch it in theaters. But it was the hottest thing in 1997 so she was still able to see photos of him and enjoy her favorite song, My Heart Will Go On.

But is she still into him today? Not so much. Jack just did it for her.

2. Choosing Her Own Name

Heading right into the next question, Cari was curious if Bailey could choose her name, what would it be, and why? 

Bailey thought this question was funny as she hated her name growing up since it was never on any of the personalized things you can find at the store. 

Cari thought her daughter would have that same issue with the spelling of her name but they actually find stuff all the time. Bailey agrees she feels it’s gotten a lot better as she also sees ‘Bailey’ all the time now. 

But in regard to the question of what would her name be? This was a tough question that we came back to. Bailey went with Sam as she has always loved the name Sam growing up, maybe because of the American Girl doll, but she has always liked the name. For Cari, she has always really loved the name Elizabeth.

A fun little history about Bailey’s name. Her mom had a few options in mind: Lauren, Jasmine, Skylar, or Bailey. However, after some consideration, certain factors came into play. Her maiden name being Tri made the combination “Sky Tri” less appealing. Then she started hearing a bunch of “Lauren’s” so that name had to go. Moreover, her dad wasn’t particularly fond of the name Jasmine. So, then there was Bailey, which actually is a little homage to Ohio. They got the name from the TV show WKRP in Cincinnati, a popular sitcom from the eighties. Although Bailey hasn’t actually seen an episode, there was a girl named Bailey on the show. 

3. Weirdest Item Kept in the House

Up next, Cari asks, what is the weirdest item she keeps in her house or bedroom?

Bailey said, “Don’t get too crazy now. I said my life is not that exciting. Okay, everyone’s going to hardcore judge me for this. And it’s not what you’re thinking, but I’m going to say it out loud.”

Her answer, she still has her baby blanket. It’s in her room and on her bed. She’s never gotten rid of it and it’s just always been there. She knows it’s ridiculous because she’ll be 33 in September but you know what, she isn’t afraid to admit it. 

Cari felt like this was going to be her daughter and that she will even take it to college. Bailey agreed as she took hers to Purdue with her.

But everyone’s a little weird and she is owning it!

4. TV Shows

Cari thought Bailey would like this question which is, what TV should would she be in and what show would she not want to be in? 

The night we were recording this episode, the Vanderpump Rules reunion Part III was airing, and as Bailey points out that anyone out there who is a fan of Vanderpump knows that night is like the Super Bowl for reality TV. So, she loves this show but she doesn’t want to be on it. It’s very dramatic (which is fun to watch) but not something she wants to be a part of. 

A show that she would want to be on is The Amazing Race. Ever since she was really little, she and her dad always said they would do it together.

5. Strangest Purchase

We came up on another somewhat difficult question that we had to circle back to. Cari asks what the strangest purchase she ever made was.

Bailey thought about it for a while and landed on a hard-boiled egg maker. An egg-shaped machine that makes multiple hard-boiled eggs which she thought was pretty weird. She is sure there are other weird things she has purchased but that’s the first thing to come to mind.

6. Go-to Movie

This next question was an easy one for Bailey, Cari asked her what her go-to movie is when she needs a mood boost.

Bailey instantly says, Bridesmaids. 100% that’s her favorite movie and she could watch it every day. She has never cry laughed so hard in a movie theater in her life.

Cari agrees that’s a good one.

7. Go-to Guilty Pleasure Song

We switched it up and moved to songs. Cari asks, “What is your go-to guilty pleasure song?”

Bailey has so many but she loves Return of the Mack. She even has a bunch of remixes of it including one with Fetty Wap. It’s just a great song that you can groove with it, windows down, sunroof open, and just jamming.

8. Go-to Dance Move

We had to go out of order a bit with the last question to keep it on the same page. Cari is curious what Bailey’s go-to dance move is.

Bailey’s first move would probably be a shoulder shimmy. Then get a little bit more intense from there such as doing a body roll or the moon walk.

9. Ultimate Sandwich

Of course, we couldn’t forget some good food questions since Bailey is a foodie. Right into the next one Cari wants to know, if she could make the ultimate sandwich, what would be on it?

Bailey thinks it would be some type of Mediterranean sandwich including sourdough bread brushed with really good extra virgin olive oil on the skillet to get crispy with dressed greens, like arugula, and some prosciutto for some crispy bacon.

She’d also include Roma or cherry tomatoes as she isn’t a huge fan of subway-type tomatoes. Maybe some roasted pepper as well, add a little hummus and thinly sliced chicken. It’s giving fancy BLT vibes.

We both thought that this sounded good and gave us dinner inspiration!

10. Best in the World

Moving right into the following question Cari asks, if Bailey could be the best in the world at something, what would it be?

Bailey jokes and starts by saying running a business.

But in seriousness, she thinks it would be very cool to be the best women’s pro golfer because it’s something you can do forever. You can do it for a long time and it keeps you active. Plus, since it’s a hard game, mastering it would be great.

She also felt tennis, a ping pong champion, or a world-renowned chef would be awesome. Then she was curious about Cari since she didn’t ask her this question last episode, what she would pick.

Cari would say dancer because they do some cool things she thinks would be cool to know how to do.

11. Strangest Thing Eaten

We are back to food questions, Cari wants to know what the strangest thing she has ever eaten. 

Bailey says, a barbecued snake she had once when she was really little in Florida visiting her uncle. 

But her being so young she wonders if it was them pulling her leg or if she actually ate it. She knows she’s eaten alligator but she doesn’t remember the snake as much. But either way, they are both strange. 

12. Lifetime Supply

Cari asks, if she could have a lifetime supply of anything, what would it be?

Bailey says puppies. She loves dogs so to always have a puppy with you would be incredible. It’s not realistic though but as Cari points out, it doesn’t have to be!

13. Wanted To Be When She Grew Up

Following that Cari is curious what the weirdest thing she wanted to be when she grew up.

For Bailey, she doesn’t think it’s exactly weird because she feels a lot of little kids wanted to be this but she really wanted to be a pop singer.

She would act and use those telephones with the headsets (hers were cheetah). Then she and her friends would get out the Christmas lights and line the stage. Then they would turn into Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears and just act like they were on the stage and touching people’s hands. So, for a long time, she thought she was going to be a pop singer.

14. Sitcom Tagline

Cari thought this one would also be a little harder but had to throw it in. What would be the tagline for the sitcom of her life?

After we came back to this question, Bailey decided it would be, “She’s calm, but also a little chaotic.” She feels like she is pretty calm and laid back for the most part, except when it comes to the “Monica” things she talks about below. And she doesn’t say no very often and that sometimes causes her life to get a little chaotic.

Plus, the chaos that comes with living with a two-year-old and running a business when your husband works from home.

15. Relatable Character

Heading in another direction, Cari wants to know what character from a movie, book, or show does Bailey relate to the most and why?

After thinking about this Bailey thinks she relates a lot to Monica on Friends. She isn’t as type A as she is but she relates a lot to some other characteristics like being super competitive, likes her house really clean, and she likes to cook but she isn’t as high-strung.

At the same time, she also feels like she is a combo with Rachel from Friends as well. She feels like friendships and lifestyle is more similar to Rachel’s. But honestly, throw in a little Phoebe in there too since she is a lover of animals and struggled with eating meat for a long time.

Cari can totally see that combination of those three!

16. Food Combination You Can’t Get Behind

This question Cari purposely put in here because she remembers from a previous episode of us talking about it (find that episode here), but she asks what is a food combination people eat that Bailey just can’t get behind.

Bailey remembers it was the butter board. She never could get behind that, she thought it was so weird.

Cari agrees because she has never seen Bailey feel so strongly about a food choice which is why she had to bring it up again.

Bailey points out that if she wants butter, it needs to be melted on something like popcorn or bread but to just eat creamy butter and share it with everyone feels so weird for her. It kind of grosses her out. The trend even went so far as to turn everything into “boards” such as mayo boards or caramel boards. She’s curious about what’s with the boards, why can’t we just use a bowl?

17. Can’t Live Without

Leading to our next question, Cari asks what’s the one item she can’t live without?

Bailey has a lot but if she had to pick one it would probably be her tinted moisturizer with SPF. She loves it, it gives you a little color plus it’s hydrating and protective.

So, if there was one thing she was going to have on makeup-wise, that’s what she would want. There are a lot of things she would want to answer for this but when she thinks about what she never leaves the house without, this would be it. She always has a little something on unless she is wearing a hat to hide her face. 

Cari totally agrees.

18. Celebrity Friend

We are back to celebrities. Cari wants to know, who is the one celebrity she would want to be friends with?

Cari figured it was probably no one from Vanderpump Rules? Bailey agrees as they are all really mean to each other, which makes the show good but not for friendships. Bailey thinks Blake Lively seems really cool. She seems down to earth, she’s in but also out of the spotlight, she’s a family person and laid back.

There is also a couple of podcast people, one of them being Claudia from The Toast and the from Girl with No Job. She just makes Bailey laugh.

The other host is Heather McDonald with Juicy Scoop who is also super funny and thinks she could be friends with.

19. Get in Trouble at School

We have just a couple more questions, this one Cari asks, “Did you ever get in trouble at school as a teen? And if so, what for?”

Bailey said no, she never got in trouble. She wasn’t a rule breaker, she was a rule follower. She was very afraid to get in trouble. She was very much a goody-two-shoes in high school and school specifically.

Now, when she came home, especially around 13/14, she had a bit of mouth on her. So she did get punished at home but she definitely deserved it.

At school though, no way, no one would know. She was very straight-laced. Which is funny because her brother was the opposite and doing all the stuff like sneaking out.

20. Podcast Guesting

For the final question Cari wants to know, what’s the one podcast she’d love to be a guest on?

Bailey answers Juicy Scoop. She doesn’t know why she would ever be on it because it’s like celebrities and famous people but she just loves Heather and thinks they’d have a lot of fun together.

The other one that Cari loves as well is Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, Bailey would also love to be on her show.

Wow, that was fun! We hope you feel like you’ve gotten to know Bailey more and on many different levels.

This is only the beginning of our conversation on getting to know Bailey. Listen to the full episode wherever you listen to your podcasts.

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